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new EP

2013-07-16 03:26:43 by Darren-M

New ep coming out "Attraction" with new artist name "Sequencer"

new EP

new cd

2012-02-04 17:03:55 by Darren-M

i was interested in doing a album project that was completely house oriented, it isnt fully finished yet but heres the link for beta nt-feel-pressure

new cd

FREE CD and Club Concert!

2010-05-30 18:25:12 by Darren-M

i have a new CD! and its free! and also has a sack full of bonus content "Moth"

also my band is playing a big show next month at a club.... its so bizarre now looking back at my desk jockey years and how i used to laugh at the idea of me ever doing this but hey at least after this show we will have enough money to buy a decent PA system for our own events!

FREE CD and Club Concert!

Hourglass is finally here!

This is a cd you wont want to miss. There are types of music from many electronic genres. some will make you dance, laugh and hopefully always enjoy a good time. The cd is high quality and i spent a large part of its completion on mastering so it isnt sloppily done. The songs on the album are not all on newgrounds so expect some surprises!

if you want one contact me via pm or ask me for my email. $5


Friday, November the 13, I will be performing with Chris O here in Cookeville at the First and Cedar venue.
contact me for details.

NEW ALBUM: "Hourglass"  and a show on friday the 13!


2009-09-07 02:33:13 by Darren-M

i have a new album coming to you soon, the name is still under raps but suggestions are encouraged please!

it sounds really nice so far and will be a cd you wont want to miss, so far there are types of music from many electronic genres. some will make you dance, laugh and hopefully always enjoy a good time.

if you want one contact me via pm or ask me for my email.

D.M. News

2009-07-29 19:15:16 by Darren-M



the fabulous amen breaker in the amenbreak contest!
ok a few things here to note.

the amen break contest is almost over and judging starts on the 31st

im excited.


other news,

1. chris is moving back most likely within the next month. we are going to try to get some projects going eventually.

2. i have 4 songs done for my next cd project.

3. ill be out of town for a good chunk of august so i probably wont update any music for a while after the 2nd of august until about mid august. birthday is coming up!

5. school is starting soon so submissions might slow down, but maybe not.

D.M. News


2009-07-16 22:25:29 by Darren-M

things are going well over here. my music is getting better i feel, and playing live is still a distance from my abilities since im a control freak. i think i might have dropped the desk jockey project... if anyone wants it ill send it to you. i am however working on a serious album, one i want to sound more professional. dont know the name yet. suggestions? i believe i will use some feature songs from desk jockey in it.

im not sure where i am so far as style right now, im trying some slower things but am still stuck on trance. did a couple of ambient pieces lately as well.

========side note======
-------i have changed my mixing styles some lately, im going to start mixing for higher quality and for minimal audio clarity less.

i did get my monitors and they are helping alot, but they make everything sound naked, i mean you can hear exactly all the elements in the mix separate from each-other.--------

i remember the last night


midi lab!

2009-05-22 03:28:05 by Darren-M

"Desk Jockey is actually finished folks, and i am just kinda putting off the distribution.... idk why. below is a picture of the album artwork."

i still havent distributed!!!!!!!!

anyway things are going well. i finally finished my first year of school and im going right back in to summer school to get ahead. i have had the chance to actually be detained from music making for about 10 days now and during this time i listened to music to supplement this waiting period. i think i learned alot. im going to have to get in gear to express all the ideas i came up with

since i didnt fail chemistry i made a song to celebrate. Chemistry Zero is a happy song or victory!

i have been saving money lately and i think i have enough to get some new monitors! + maybe a few other select things. this is good because im finally starting to build up a little audio production/midi lab, im excited, i cant wait to drill holes in this desk for all the cables. i have also been thinking of selling all my ps2 stuff for a total of $300, yes i have alot of games, and saving up for a korg electribe but who knows idk if i really want one.

live long and synthesize

midi lab!


2009-03-10 21:13:20 by Darren-M

Desk Jockey is actually finished folks, and i am just kinda putting off the distribution.... idk why. below is a picture of the album artwork.

first the bad news.
chris moved :(


i have made huge progress since my last post. one such point is that i am now able to make most synth sounds i hear. reproduce them that is. and the other is that i am now really getting the hang of mixing. things just now finally sound right to me. i also have some new programs! so expect even more variety in my music. recently i have obtained many new and cool samples to put in my music. i guess the days of me running effects over pencil and coin banging sounds are finally over. :(

on a last note im thinking of doing more vocals.

keep checking in, i update usually once every 2 weeks or so.


Check regularly. Stuff Update!

2008-12-10 02:52:39 by Darren-M

hello people. if there are people.

so im starting to remix and master some songs on here for the next album Desk Jockey, it should be here sometime around january. things are going smoothly but everytime i sit down to start remixing things i start a new project. oh well. lately im trying to get upgrades for my equipment before i finish this album so i can master it better. im upgrading to 2.5gb ram and probably an interface for my mic and a new XLR because my current one sucks. i want to provide a quality cd so if anyone wants one just ask. :] this is all so weird because i am already starting to get ideas for the next album after this haha.

thank you everyone and anyone for listening to my music. check back regularly because i update at least once every two weeks.

i know i said i will start performing live but honestly school has slowed that process down, but it will happen one day :)